Friday, February 5, 2010

The Easy Button

So in buying my pieces for the Quiz show buzzer system, I learned what an "Easy Button" is. It is a button that you can buy at Staples (or Amazon for twice the price), that when you press it, it says "That was easy." I told the cashier that I needed it to turn it into a buzzer for a game show. I told her I thought the Easy Button was a pretty ridiculous item to be selling. She told me that they sell alot. "It is good for kids. When they do something good, they can press the button and it says 'That was easy.'" I can see that, but it's being marketed for ADULTS in adult situations. That I don't quite get. But then again maybe an adult is just a large kid who needs talking objects to let them know that everything is OK:

Step One: Identify a difficult problem
Step Two: Press your Easy Button
Step Three: Listen to the reassuring message
Step Four: Smile and get on with your day
Step Five: Repeat as necessary
Step Six: Remove your brain. You won't need it.

(I added the sixth one)

If they don't have one already, I want to invent one that says "Panic." And when you press it, it starts vibrating and yelling, "Fuck! Fuck!"


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